Pradera Restaurant

House Menu

Chorizo Iberico / Salchicha Iberica£ 3.00
Other cured cuts, sliced 30g, each
Jamon Iberico£ 8.00
Best quality cured jamón ibérico from Jabugo.
Jamón Serrano£ 6.50
12-months old cured Serrano ham, sliced 60g
Berenjenas fritas con queso azul£ 5
Deep-fried aubergine stacks, filled with our home-made tomato and orange peel marmalade and blue cheese nuggets
Escalibada£ 6.00
Grilled aubergine, green pepper, courgette, onion and confit potato, served with a selection of home-made sauces
Judias Verdes£ 5.00
Sautéed green beans, peppers, Spanish onions and our Salsa Brava
Champiñones al ajillo£ 6.00
Sautéed mixed wild mushrooms with olive oil, garlic and parsley
Patatas£ 4.00
Our double cooked, hand-cut potatoes, served with Salsa Brava or mayo-alioli
Tortilla de patatas£ 5.00
Potatoes, Spanish onions and free-range egg omelette
Espárragos a la plancha£ 5.00
Grilled asparagus with our mayo-alioli and shaved Manchego cheese
Pimientos de Padrón£ 5.50
Fried Spanish peppers with Maldon sea salt
Pan£ 2.00
A selection of our breads with butter
Pan con tomate£ 3.00
Ciabatta-style bread, grilled and served with a fresh tomato, olive oil and garlic
Pan Catalán£ 4.00
Ciabatta-style bread, grilled and served with tomato and 12 months-cured Serrano Ham
Choripan£ 4.00
Ciabatta-style bread, served with Pradera’s signature spicy chorizo sausage, grilled
Chorizo al vino tinto£ 6
Our signature spicy chorizo sausage, sliced and cooked in red wine and onions
Barrigada de cerdo al rosmarino£ 7
Sous-vide and grilled pork belly with rosemary, olive oil and shallots
Carrillera de cerdo£ 8
12 hours slow-cooked confit wild pig cheeks with a spiced sweet potato puree
Ropa vieja£ 7.50
12 hours slow-cooked pulled beef with herbs and spices, on a bed of white rice
Carpaccio de cuadril de vaca£ 7.00
32-days aged rump beef carpaccio with pears, artichoke hearts and shaved Manchego cheese, finished with a sweet n’ sour Balsamic reduction
Higaditos de pollo empanados£ 6
Bread-crumbed chicken livers with caramelised onions, served with a sherry and raisins reduction
Cestas de curry tropical de pollo al mango£ 8
Sous-vide diced chicken breast in a coconut and mango tropical curry on white rice
Pollo confitado con laurel y ajo£ 6
Crispy skin confit chicken thighs with bay leafs, olive oil and garlic
Churrasquillo de Cuadril£ 6.50
32-days aged rump beef, grilled spiral cut with chimichurri
Atun con soya y kale£ 8
Yellow-fin, sashimi grade seared Tuna loin with a drop of soya and a warm green beans, kale and radish salad
Salmonete con almejas£ 8
Pan-fried wild red mullet with clams, white wine, garlic, shallots and cherry tomato
Mejillones y almejas en su jugo£ 6
Steamed mussels and clams in a bay leaf, garlic, parsley and whole peppercorns white wine sauce, served with garlic rustic bread
Chipirones con chimichurri£ 6.50
Grilled baby squid with chimichurri
Chipirones y calamares fritos£ 6.00
Squid and baby squid, slightly dusted in flour, deep-fried, with our mayo-alioli and lemon
Pulpo con mojo£ 7.00
Pan fried octopus on potatoes, and a paprika, garlic and bay leafs mojo
Boquerones en vinagre£ 5.50
Anchovies, marinated in olive oil, white wine vinegar and parsley
Don Jose 4.50
A milk-shake for adults – vanilla Ice cream, cream and Brandy, sprinkled with crushed almonds
Dulce de leche cheesecake£ 7
Milk caramel cheesecake
Flan£ 5.00
Madagascar vanilla crème caramel with a mango and orange coulis
Sorbets£ 2.00
Mango and orange • Fruit of the forest
Ice-cream£ 2.00
Madagascar vanilla • Chocolate Maltesers • Coffee
Churros con chocolate£ 4.00
Deep fried doughnut dough with sugar and cinnamon and hot chocolate sauce
Ensalada Tropical£ 6.50
Avocado, tomato, mango, lettuce and shaved radish, all tossed in a honey and mustard vinaigrette and Maldon salt
Ensalada con Gambas£ 7
Warm king prawns, garden peas, lettuce, shaved radish, all tossed in a home-made Mari-rose sauce and Maldon salt
Ensalada Kajllu£ 6.50
Tomato, red onions and blue cheese, all tossed in olive oil and Maldon salt
Ensalada con manchego£ 7
lettuce, pine nuts, tomato, and artichoke hearts, all tossed in a sweet-sour balsamic reduction and Maldon salt
Ensalada de tomate£ 5
Tomato and onion salad, all tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette and Maldon salt
Ensalada mixta£ 5
Mix lettuce and greens, onions and olives, all tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette and Maldon salt
Paella Pradera£ 14 p/p
Our house Bomba rice paella, cooked in traditional ‘’paellera’’ pans with meat, seafood and vegetables
Paella del huerto£ 9 p/p
Bomba rice paella, cooked in traditional ‘’paellera’’ pans with vegetables
Paella de mariscos£ 12 p/p
Bomba rice paella, cooked in traditional ‘’paellera’’ pans with king prawns, squid and baby squid, mussels and clams
Paella del corral£ 10.50 p/p
Bomba rice paella, cooked in traditional ‘’paellera’’ pans with chorizo, chicken thighs and beef
Queso Manchego£ 5.50
36 months-old aged Manchego cheese, 60g
Tabla de quesos£ 7.20
Selection of Spanish cheeses, served with tomato marmalade and rustic baked bread

Food Allergies and Intolerances: Before you order your food and drinks please speak to our staff if want to know about our ingredients.